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I might not reply to every single comment/fav/watch, but I do read and appreciate every single one! The fact that you all even take the time to look at my art makes me happy inside, so thank you! (:

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First things first.
Important info.
- You can contact me via notes or email (garmmonx(at)hotmail(.)com)! Be sure to mention 'commission' in the heading so I know it's commission stuff :v
- The prices stated below are not final! They are just to give a rough idea. The final price of your commission might change depending on the characters' complexity (e.g. a Ditto would cost less to draw compared to, say, a WarGreymon.)
- Payment will be via Paypal only! The prices below are in USD so more people will be familiar with it; the currency I use is SGD but sure you can send me payment in whatever currency's most convenient for you. PLEASE do not try to send any money before I tell you it is okay to do so! :>
- I will only start work once you've paid; if it's a big amount, I can consider making it 'pay half before starting, pay the other half after completion'. If it's a design/big piece, I'll update you while working, during which you can ask me to make reasonable changes (no overhauling the entire design 10 times!). Also, please don't ask me to make any major changes after the piece is done (for designs, don't ask me to change the non-colour aspects of the design after colouring has started), I won't entertain them.
- Paintings will all be digital; for all commissions, I will pass you the hi-res png/jpg file after completing it. You can also ask for the .psd then if you want!

What I will draw:
- I will draw most characters! monsters, mecha, humans, anthros, creatures, dragons, etc. If it's an OC or a character from a franchise I'm not familiar with, please provide references! Text description of OCs will count as character design and will be charged accordingly.
- I'm not good at realism/gore/architecture/landscapes, but I'll still do it if that's what you want?

What I won't draw:
- Anything offensive. Like racist, sexist, etc. Don't hate on others man B(
- Heavy porn/fetish stuff. Tbh I've never drawn porn before so you'd be better off finding someone more experienced in drawing it than me P:

Price guidelines:
judge digixros doodles! by Garmmon
B/W Sketches (I can do pencil, pen, or digital sketches):
Half body: 5 USD (+3 USD per additional character)
Full body: 10 USD (+7 USD per additional character)

Demifiend by Garmmon Cormag by Garmmon
Sketches with Flats/Simple Shading
Half body: 10 USD (+5 USD per additional character)
Full body: 15 USD (+7 USD per additional character)

happy new year 2014!! by Garmmon Shoutmon DX by Garmmon
Coloured Sketches with shading
Half body: 15 USD (+7 USD per additional character)
Full body: 20 USD (+10 USD per additional character)
Purple Ludroth by Garmmon SMT secret santa by Garmmon
^Add an extra 5 USD for a simple background

Exdeath by Garmmon Ponchomon by Garmmon Cerberus by Garmmon
Paintings without BG
Half body: 25 USD (+15 USD per additional character)
Full body: 35 USD (+25 USD per additional character)

more fire emblem by Garmmon Helldrake by Garmmon The Raccoon Painter by Garmmon
Paintings with BG
Half body: 35 USD (+20 USD per additional character)
Full body: 50 USD (+30 USD per additional character)

the blue robot by Garmmon Commission - Dragon evoline by Garmmon
Child-level Digimon Height Chart by Garmmon
Character Design
B/W only design: Add 20 USD
Coloured design: Add 35 USD

How this works is pretty much you add this price to whatever type of commission you're making. For example:
- B/W sketch of an original design: 10 USD (b/w full body sketch) + 20 USD (b/w char design) = 30 USD
- Coloured sketch of an original design: 20 USD (full body coloured sketch) + 35 USD (coloured char design) = 55 USD

If you commission a design, you are given the rights to use the completed design however you wish. It's yours now! I will only own the art that I actually drew of the character; I might use that art in my portfolio and such, but I won't sell it or anything.


I think that's about it! Feel free to shoot me any questions in the comments or via note.
I hope I'm not overcharging haha :v I hope this goes well!


hell on earth
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Digimon and Pokemon were the first series I ever got into, which probably somewhat made me delve into anime style. But even then what I like drawing most (and am probably best at) is monsters, so you'll probably see a lot of that from me. Though I try to practise humans too.
I tend to be drawn to franchises with either monsters or just kids shows. I have pretty low standards so I enjoy pretty much anything, though I'll try to raise that bar a little for my own works, haha.

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Haro fellow singaporean!
Garmmon Apr 5, 2014  Student Filmographer
greetings here as well |D I'm not too active on dA though haha
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PotatoCandy Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Why hello there :3
Garmmon Jan 7, 2014  Student Filmographer
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How are you?
Garmmon Jan 8, 2014  Student Filmographer
Um okay, I guess?
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Thank you! :>
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